How to get Copyright FREE images

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How to get Copyright-free images
How to get Copyright-free images

Images are helpful for bloggers, designers, photographers, developers, and many other professionals in the freelancing sector. The copyright-free images are very much useful as they help to obtain uniqueness in the creations. There are many sources where you can download copyright-free images for your use. Let’s check out the websites on which Copyright-free images are available


Burst is a platform to obtain copyright-free images. Shopify owns it. You can download any image that you need for free. The interface of Burst is user-friendly. It has images and categories to select from a wide range of selections.


Pexels is one of the best platforms to get copyright-free images. Many writers, photographers, artists, photographers, and other freelancers get the maximum use of this platform. You can download images to create unique designs, websites, apps, arts, and stories. The speciality of Pexels is, it displays outsourced images. So you can get more quality pictures to satisfy your requirement.

You need to be careful when downloading images from Pexels. There are certain things that you can do and can’t do with images.


If you need to publish images without giving credits to the artist, then Pixabay is the right place. This platform has a Creative Common Zero license. Pixabay displays pictures from other image hosting sites. You can do a camera search in Pixabay. It offers free vectors and illustrations.


Canva is one of the famous sites among logo designers, web designers, and graphic designers. It is an online graphic design tool. Canva has paid versions also. But the free version is free to use for your lifetime. You can easily customize designs using images in Canva. It is effortless to share the designs you made on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Flicker is another platform to download images. It has a massive library of high-quality images, and it is one of the largest image libraries on the internet. You need to check the license of each image as it changes from one to another. Flickr gets updated with new features frequently. So you will get a good user experience when using this platform.

6.Getty Images

I know that you are familiar with Getty Images. But have you thought of getting images from this platform? Yeah, it is possible. You can get pictures to embed in your blog.


Unsplash is at the top of the list of platforms that offer free stock images. It has more than 300 000 high-resolution images. More than 500 000 people have contributed to making this massive image library. It gets updated with new photographs daily.

8.Freebiehive is a great website where you can download free images. It is a great place to find free vectors, PSD Mockups, and PNG. You can download any image that you need for your website, graphic design, or article.

To Sum Up

All freelancers need to get copyright-free images. There are great platforms that offer free stock images. You can select thousands of images that will match your requirements from these sites.

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