How to remove background of an image fast and easily

Fast and Easy way to remove background online

How to remove background of an image fast and easily

You don’t need Adobe Photoshop to remove the background. There are lots of ways to remove the background of an image.

You might need to remove background for various things, especially when you are selling online, making presentations or for designs. Instead, using a graphic editing software, you can use websites and remove the background of your desired image

This website is very easy to use. You can click the upload button or drag and drop your desired image in a few seconds it will automatically detect the main object in your image and remove the background of it.

 freebiehive blog remove background image 1

We have used one of our image to show how it works.Site Icon of freebiehive graphic resources website

this is how it looks like when its uploaded to the website

freebiehive blog remove background image 2

you can see the result png background removed image

freebiehive blog remove background image 3As you can see the yellow background from the original image is removed accurately. this website is really easy to use but there is a one con which is the background removed image highest resolution they provide for free is 500×500 pixels you have to purchase their credit to download original size image, but still it is great tool.

This website also similar website as the it also allowed to upload any photo from your computer and remove the background very fast and easily

freebiehive blog remove background image 4

Photoscissors website is bit advance one it lets you editing capabilities once you uploaded your image. on this website you can download background removed transparent file or you can put solid colors or an image to background. there is another great option they provide which is you can put shadows to your transparent image this is a great option specially to people who need transparent product images with shadows.The below image shows the editing options after you upload the image to this website.

freebiehive blog remove background image 5

These two are one of the best online background removal websites and there are lot of these kind of websites can be found online. we have list up some of them below.Try these website and let us know which website you really like. we hope this article will be helpful for you.

We already have lot of background removed PNG Images don’t forget to check them they might be helpful too.

Thanks for reading Have a great day!

Team Freebiehive.

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